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What is Global Climate Strike?

Global Climate Strike is a worldwide climate action that takes place twice(or three times) a year to address climate crisis.

Many people stand with members of Fridays For Future (FFF) and call for urgent climate action to governments and corporations on these days.

We are organizing this year’s second global climate event on September 23rd! You are all invited! We hope to see you there! Let’s make a huge climate movement together!

#気候危機はいのちの問題 #climatecrisisisamatteroflife

Climate crisis causes natural disasters, food insecurity and loss of biodiversity. This affects mostly vulnerable people and areas. To combat these issues, the #climatecrisisisamatteroflife hashtag was created to deliver many voices from various kinds of backgrounds and solve the climate crisis.

What We Think

We are currently facing a war in Ukraine, which is leading to a devastated environment, energy crisis and food insecurity. Climate crisis is connected to all problems and affects our entire society and hits hard to people who are socially vulnerable.

How can we tackle these social issues? 

We need to speak up together.

Right now, Japan seems like it is moving in an unsettling direction, but still we can build our own desired society together if we work hand in hand.

Now is the time for us to speak up! Together!



Raise your voice with this slogan!

Please join a climate event near you on September 23rd!  We are looking forward to meeting you all there!

Join Us!

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For Organizations: Be Our Supporter!

A lot of people keep on taking actions to solve various social problems in our society. 

Those people include each of us demanding measures for climate change.

Although they may look to be engaged in different activities at first glance, themes of each activity and the shape of society  they are aiming for are related in some respects. They also share a common concern for lives and the future.

Therefore, we wanted to create a big movement of various groups and people across sectors for this climate action, and emphasize that action in terms of “life”.

We strongly appreciate if you become a supporting group to cooperate with and take part in the climate action.

We believe that this climate action, as well as our activities we are going to continue, marks the first step to build a better future.


Registration for a Supporting Group here

Registration Form for a Supporting Group of the World Climate Action 0923 (

Notes on Endorsements

*Political parties, gang-affiliated organizations and fossil fuel-related businesses are prohibited from supporting this event.

*This action and the management committee oppose to any kind of nuclear power, including nuclear power generation.

*Please note that organizations with different intents to the event might be omitted from Supporting Groups.

For more information on support, please see the registration form above.

Organizing Groups

Fridays For Future Sapporo

Fridays For Future Sendai 

Fridays For Future Tokyo

Fridays For Future Yokohama

Fridays For Future Nagoya

Fridays For Future Kyoto

Fridays For Future Fukuoka


International Environmental NGO Japan

350 Shizuoka

Climate Action Network Japan (CAN-Japan)


International Environmental NGO FoE Japan

Media Is Hope

General Incorporated Association Protect Our Winters Japan

PV-Net (Certified NPO Photovoltaic Power Plant Network)

General Incorporated Association Ethical Association

Certified NPO Japan Association of Environment and Society for the 21st Century

Association of Municipal Assembly Members for Climate Crisis

Specified Non-Profit Organization Kiko Network

Green Alliance Japan

International Environmental NGO Greenpeace Japan

Kodaira Solar

Citizens’ Climate Lobby Japan

People’s Power Network

Certified NPO Citizen’s Alliance for Saving the Atmosphere and the Earth (CASA)

Save the Earth Action 97

NGO Peace Boat

NPO Mitakashimin Kyodo Hatsuden (Cooperative Power Generation by Mikata Citizens)


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