Dissolution of “Climate Justice Project”

 We would like to inform you that we have decided to dissolve one of the projects within Fridays For Future Japan, the “Climate Justice Project”. At the same time, we would like to inform you that the members who had been in charge of leading the group in the past are now on a leave from Fridays For Future from the end of October last year due to their behavior.

 The “Climate Justice Project” was launched in April 2021 by volunteer members of Fridays For Future Japan, and has been seeking solidarity with those most affected by the climate crisis, especially in cooperation with organizations and labor unions in the Global South.

 Due to repeated harassment by members of power within the Climate Justice Project and with Fridays For Future Japan, it was decided last December that the project can no longer continue. The idea that the mental and physical health of individual members should be sacrificed in order to “Step the movement forward,” has made it impossible for many members of different backgrounds to be involved in the movements. We sincerely apologize for the sudden notice to all the people who have supported our activities in the past.

 The remaining members will work on their recovery as well as continue to stay in solidarity and organize with labor unions and organizers in the Global South, not only as Fridays For Future Japan but as individuals (as some of us will leave FFFJ after this situation is sorted out). We all look forward to your continued support and cooperation with our activities and making sure we will move forward by making an environment that includes care as the core of organizing.

Working Team against Harassment
Dahlia Amy Hill
Hanae Takahashi
Kokoa Adachi
Ayako Kawasaki
Yohei Takata
(In an Alphabetical order)

*Fridays For Future has been the subject of factually false and defamatory statements on social media. If we discover a defamatory post, we will consult with the police or take legal action against the perpetrator through our lawyers, if necessary.